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Accessible Voting Options

Idaho has several options for accessible voting. Contact your county clerk for information on all accessible voting options, including instructions on how to request an absentee ballot.

Voting with the assistance of a person of the voter's choice

Electors may receive assistance to vote from any person of their choice. You may also ask for assistance from a poll worker.

Absentee Voting by mail

In previous elections many electors with special needs have requested an absentee ballot from their county clerk. You may vote absentee by submitting a completed and signed request for an absentee ballot. The request for an absentee ballot must be received in your county clerk's office by the 6th day prior to the election. Upon verification of registration a ballot will be mailed to you.

Absentee Voting in person

Voting before election day at an absentee polling place is also available. Contact your county clerk for dates, times and location of the absentee polling place in your county.

The ballot marking device

In compliance with the Help America Vote Act, Federal grant funding has purchased a ballot marking device for each polling place in the state. The ballot marking device will assist voters who have difficulty reading or marking a ballot to vote privately and independently.

The ballot marking device is intended to assist the visually impaired, voters with disabilities and the elderly. Other voters will vote as they have in the past using the appropriate ballot for their county.

Visually impaired voters can use headphones to listen to an audio ballot and make their selections using a Braille keypad. The ballot marking device has a touch screen with a zoom feature to enlarge the ballot print and a contrast feature to make the ballot easier to read for some voters.

The ballot marking device only marks a ballot. No votes are stored in the machine. Votes are counted by the Election Board of your county.

Voters can review and change their selections before the device marks a paper ballot. Voters using the ballot marking device, just like any other voter, may request a new ballot from a poll worker if they make a mistake.

The “Device Instructions” included on this website will tell you how to cast a vote on the ballot marking device. As it may take more time to vote using the device, please review the instructions before coming to the polls. Additional instructions will be available at the polls and poll workers are trained to help if you request their assistance.

Special circumstances

Curbside assistance and home voting is available in special circumstances. Please make arrangements with your county clerk in advance.


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