Office of the Secretary of State of Idaho

Voter Registration - Frequently Asked Questions

1) Who needs to register?

Any eligible person who wishes to vote in Idaho and who has never voted here or who has changed name or address since last registering needs to register.

2) How do I know if I'm eligible to vote?

You are eligible to vote if you:

You are not eligible to vote if you:

If you meet the other qualifications to register to vote, but have been convicted of a felony (in Idaho, or any other jurisdiction), your civil rights for voting purposes are automatically restored upon completion of your sentence, including any probation or parole.

3) Can a person under guardianship vote in Idaho?

There is no restriction of voting privileges for persons under guardianship, provided they meet the other qualifications to be eligible to vote. Section 3, Article VI of the Idaho Constitution was amended in 1998 to remove language that previously prohibited people under guardianship from voting.

4) Once I register, do I need to register again for the next election?

Registration is permanent as long as you vote at least once every four years in a primary or general election, and do not move. You need to re-register if you change your address or name.

5) Can I mail in my voter registration application card? Can I email or fax my registration card?

Yes, you can mail in your application but it must be postmarked at least 25 days prior to the election.

No, you cannot fax or email your voter registration card. Idaho statute requires an original signature on file.

6) What does Residence Address mean?

You can register to vote only in the precinct where your residence is located. Your residence is where your home or living quarters is located, and, to which, whenever you are absent, you intend to return. [statute defining residence for voting purposes]

7) Can I put down a mail drop or post office box as my residence address?

No, the address must be the complete street address of your residence. If you do not have a street address, describe the location of your residence: cross streets, section, township, range, etc.

8) How will I know that my mail application has been received and I am registered?

You will receive a mailed notice from the county verifying your address and telling you the precinct you vote in.

9) Where do I go to vote?

You can call your county clerk to find out the address of the polling place for your precinct.

10) Can't I just register to vote at the polls on election day?

You may register at the polls on election day by providing proof of residence. All documents used in providing proof of residence shall be accompanied with a photo I.D. Only the following documents showing the registrant's current address in the precinct are authorized for use in registering to vote and providing proof of residency:

11) What is the deadline for return of Registration Application: